The Blockchain Global Entertainment Alliance was organized as a nonprofit initiative during the 2018 American Film Market in Santa Monica, California  to promote blockchain technology education and adoption within the entertainment industry. 

While blockchain technology can be both disruptive and supportive in the entertainment sector, widespread adoption is slow.  If major entertainment companies chose to adopt blockchain and digital tokens, the technology has the potential to redefine entertainment and media information and data flows in addition to offering accounting efficiency, incentives and true peer-to-peer shared experience between creators and consumers. 

As traditional systems become obsolete and inefficient, blockchain is a win for everyone including content creators, distributors, guilds, agencies, talent representatives, performing rights organizations, financial institutions and regulatory bodies. From speed of transactions, crypto ticketing and rewarding viewers for their attention and data, to accountability, identity and privacy, we believe blockchain is here to stay. 


Founder, Blockchain Global Entertainment Alliance 

Rouslan Ovtcharoff is an independent filmmaker and the founder of the Blockchain Global Entertainment Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting blockchain education and adoption in the entertainment industry.  Ovtcharoff’s interest in blockchain began in 2017 when he saw the disruptive impact distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, and crypto-economics would have on the ability to have a safe and secure way for people to make any transaction. Ovtcharoff has 15 years of independent film business experience and has worked on films that have grossed more than $1.5 billion at the box office. His expertise includes film and television production and distribution, virtual and augmented reality, interactive media, and blockchain technology. As the former head of marketing at Millennium Media, he oversaw campaigns for all the studio’s franchises, including Rambo Last Blood, Angel Has Fallen, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Mechanic Resurrection and The Expendables 3.


Founder & CEO, Lumiere Project

Patrice is the founder and CEO of Lumière (芦明). He is an EnTech research expert and a film professional. He has 8-year experience in the financial sector and movie finance and 12-year experience as a creative consultant and producer in the movie industry. In 2018, he obtained the first PhD worldwide on the integration of blockchain technology in Creative Media (CityU Hong Kong) through an academic exchange with UCLA and a participation in the MEFTI programme organised by MIT. Patrice is a member of the Hong Kong Internet Governance Forum (HKIGF) and has been an EnTech public policy postdoctoral research fellow at the centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media (ACIM – CityU). His book “Online Film Production in China Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts” was published by Springer in March 2019.

CEO, Badel Media

Manuel has worked for 18 years in film, TV and digital media sectors, and has started to explore, understand and experiment blockchain applications in our industry 4 years ago. In this spirit, in 2016-17, Manuel initiated, with his client Groupe Média TFO, Blockchain TFO, the first experimentation in the Canadian broadcasting sector. Early 2018, mandated by Telefilm Canada, he designed and organized the first conference on blockchain in a major film festival (Berlinale-European Film Market). In May 2019, his research on blockchain and media industries was published. A first in Canada. He is now an internationally recognized speaker and gives conferences in major industry events on a regular basis. Prior to founding Badel Media, Manuel worked as a senior advisor and manager at Telefilm Canada for digital projects financing as well as industry initiatives and policies. He was then Deputy Director for the administration of CMF programs, continuing with the positions of Director of the AQPM Web Sector (Quebec producers association), and Director of Film, Television and Production Tax Credits at SODEC (Quebec public body).